Whois Privacy Protection with Superior Website Hosting

WHOIS Privacy Protection is definitely the proper service for everyone who wants to maintain their private data out of the general public. When using the Whois Privacy Protection service delivered by Superior Website Hosting, there is no doubt that your particular private information is undoubtedly safe and that no person will ever view it.
By simply inserting a system e–mail within your WHOIS contacts, we can filter all of the newly arriving messages and pass through exclusively valuable announcements for example transfer acceptance demands. In this way, you simply will not be interrupted by spammers or people who want to violate your level of privacy.

Whois Privacy Protection–eligible TLDs

On account of a registry–imposed restriction, our company can’t have our Whois Privacy Protection solution to all the domain names to be found. If your TLD works with this kind of solution by registry principle, only then we can supply it to you too. Having stated that, much of the preferred domains extensions come with Whois Privacy Protection support.
These TLDs include: .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .co, .co.za, .me, .tv, .cc.

SSL Certificates

Get hold of SSL certificates completely from your CP

An SSL certificate enciphers the connection between your clients and your online store and informs everybody that it is a reliable place for shopping. You’d ordinarily get an SSL certificate from a third–party supplier. However, at Superior Website Hosting, you can obtain one right from your hosting Control Panel.

Simply visit the SSL Certificates section and choose if you want a regular SSL certificate or a wildcard SSL certificate. Then simply request an activation and we’ll carry out the rest on your behalf in an instant.

SSL Certificates

Wildcard Domains

Create a wildcard domain with only a click

With the aid of the Wildcard DNS option, you will be able to make all your active subdomains forward to the index page of your web site. For example, if somebody enters any.domain.com or smth.domain.com, they’ll be forwarded to http://domain.com/.

You may need the Wildcard DNS option for a multi–site web app such as WordPress or Joomla Multi–Site.

To activate a wildcard domain name, go to the Domain Manager section of your Control Panel and press the Add Host button located on the right. At the bottom of the options list, you’ll see the Wildcard Domain check box.

Wildcard Domains

DNS Record Administration

Get full control over your DNS settings

With the Domain Manager, you will have full control over your domain name’s DNS settings. You’ll be able to effortlessly alter a variety of DNS records, among them A, AAAA, MX, NS, etc. records. Setting new DNS resource records is quite easy. And in case you need to convert a DNS entry to its previous value, you can do that with merely a single click of the mouse.

With the Domain Manager, you may also redirect visitors to different parts of your website depending on their country of origin.

DNS Record Administration

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